Radarcape all built-in device

ADS-B MLAT Receiver Radarcape Front View

Important Features

Why to choose Radarcape


A receiver and decoder specially developed for ADS-B and Mode A/C gives the Radarcape the best sensitivity and thus range in its class. The integrated GNSS receiver provides highly accurate time stamps for multilateration (MLAT), which in conjunction with the Jetvision MLAT Server allows the determination of positions of aircraft with Mode-S or Mode A/C transponder only or the verification of ADS-B positions.

With its built-in performance processor and consistently efficient programming, the Radarcape can track an unlimited number of aircraft and display them to multiple viewers simultaneously and independently.

Cost Effective

No additional software or other hardware required for decoding, maps and monitoring. All you need for realtime flight tracking is built-in. Start your business directly out of the box.

Unrestricted multi user access with separate settings in the web browser.

24/7 Operation

Low power consumption, well proven over a wide temperature range, stable and reliable. Ideal for safe continuous operation. Due to this high quality we have many thousands of Radarcapes in operation all over the world.

Unbeatable MLAT performance with 50 ns GPS time stamps.

Hardware Options

In addition, the Radarcape is optionally available with:

  • True antenna diversity
  • High Dynamic Range
  • ADS-B video output 
  • 10 MHz external reference input

See all available types in this table

Most Versatile User Interfaces

Awesome map views using OpenLayers include an ATCscope professional style, with AIP overlays for your needs. Especially relevant are the powerful filter options, separately for each viewing client.

Also supports 3D viewers with KML output.

ADS-B MLAT Receiver Radarcape Front right


Radarcape combines three major aircraft location sources in one device for best situational awareness.

FLARM can be used with an additional receiver. 

Jetvision provides a high accuracy MLAT server for public, dedicated and private networks available.

Feeders & Data Interfaces

Full performance built-in feeders for all major flight tracking web providers, e.g. FlightRadar24, FlightAware, OpenSky and ADSBx Network. Multiple pre-decoded and raw data output formats (JSON, CSV, KML, Port 30003, raw data).

Eurocontrol ASTERIX – CAT 021, 023 and 247 is available with a commercial license.

Multilateration (MLAT)

When connected to a Jetvision MLAT server, you will also have position information from aircraft equipped with only Mode-S or Mode A/C transponder and you can verify ADS-B reported positions by MLAT calculations, which in some cases are more trustable.

Very noteworthy: MLAT shows you for example small commercial, military aircraft and private aviation.


High quality ADS-B receivers, antennas, filters, Multilateration (MLAT) software solutions.

Everything from a single source “Made in Germany”.

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Radarcape Video

Watch out all important Radarcape features in a video.

ADS-B MLAT Receiver Radarcape Jetvision Airliner
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Available hardware options

Radarcape Types

RADARCAPE TYPESSee NoteArticle No.RF UnitsAntennasGPSVideo OutExt. 10 MHz Reference + 1 PPS
Radarcape High Dynamic Range(1)66006H21
Radarcape Antenna Diversity (2CH)(2)66006D22
Radarcape Video Out(3)66006V11
Radarcape 2CH + Video Out(2, 3)66006DV22
Radarcape Video Out + ext.Clock + 1PPS(3, 4)66006VC11
Radarcape 2CH + Video Out + ext.Clock + 1PPS(2, 3, 4)66006DVC22


(1) For applications with aircraft closer than 300m to the antenna.

(2) Antenna diversity. 2 RF channels with two required antennas. For complex situations e.g. reflections, one priority direction (with Yagi antenna) etc.

(3) Video out: Radarcape has a SMB connector with video out signal to check the signal quality.

(4) 10 MHz clock input: External 10 MHz reference clock and 1PPS input for a reference clock-based environment.

Radarcape Demo


Check out Radarcape live

Radarcape Demo

See the features of Radarcape live. We have a demo device online. Try ADS-B, MLAT, range, maps, filters and more.

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